Detection & Alerting at FB

Systems @Scale 2019

Talk I gave at Systems @Scale 2019 in Tel Aviv on how Facebook approaches monitoring significant metric movements.

Image Classification with PCA and LDA

GWU (2017)

Project for STAT6215 at GWU (part of my M.S. coursework) using classic statistical methods (Principal Component and Linear Discriminant Analysis) to classify images.

Innerself Hacker News

Fun/Tinkering (2017)

4KB hacker news clone using the tiny `innerself` js library.

Pythagoras Fractal in Elm

Fun/Tinkering (2016)

Playing around with elm-lang and fractals.

Laughing All the Way to the Crash

The Atlantic (2015)

A search for humor in 20 years of Fed meeting transcripts reveals that LOLing peaked right before the recession.


Fun/Tinkering (2015)

D3.js plugin for mapping svg features within a map to x,y coordinates.

Mapping America's Futures

Urban Institute (2014)

Interactive map showing demographic projections for the United States, reaching out to 2030.

Mapping gunshots near DC schools

Urban Institute (2014)

Some DC schools have been in close range of as many as 16 gunfire incidents in the course of a school year, according to Urban Institute analysis.

Interactive Pension Policy Simulator

Urban Institute (2014)

This javascript tool enables experimentation with pension policy parameters, showing changes to individual outcomes.